Providing an alternative to silence: Towards greater protection and support for whistle-blowers in the EU

Project has ended


Transparency International Estonia participates in a pan-European project aimed at promoting the need for whistle-blowers protection. The project is a follow up to the previous project
Enhancing Whistle-blower Protection

During the follow up project the participants promote the concept of whistleblowing and try to enhance theprotection of whistle-blowers in the EU.

Project consists of analyses of the state of whistle-blower protection legislations in participating countries and highlighting of discrimination cases against whistle-blowers to draw attention to the severity ofthe problem.

During the project best practices in whistle-blowers protection will be identified and joint recommendations for improving the protective mechanisms in different countries and on the EU level will be developed.

The project highlights the importance of whistle-blowing as an effective mechanism for prevention and detection of corruption and corrupt practices.

The project is funded by the European Commission