How to use GlobaLeaks platform?

GlobaLeaks is a secure reporting channel for whistleblowers who want to receive guidelines to prevent and resolve corrupt and unethical situations.

You can contact TI Estonia's ALAC by sending a report using GlobaLeaks platform either confidentially or anonymously:

  • a confidential report is one in which you have shared your identity with TI Estonia's employee, and your name or other identifying details will not be shared with anyone else without your permission
  • an anonymous report is one in which you have not shared your name or any details that could be used to easily identify you

We will keep the information you provide us in the strictest confidence and in accordance with data protection legislation.

Use a secure browser on a personal device

It is strongly advised that you use a device other than your work computer/device, and your work network – many employers reserve the right to monitor employees’ internet use, and this may identify you inadvertently. While Tor protects your anonymity and hides your activity, it leaves traces of its own installation on the computer/phone/tablet. Moreover, if your work network traffic is being monitored, it will show that you are using the Tor browser

  • make sure that the computer you use to use the platform on is free of malware and spyware (update and upgrade your antivirus protection software)
  • avoid using public computers to use the platform as they could be infected by dangerous malware or spyware
  • don’t use unsecured public Wi-Fi when attempting to contact us as this may be compromised
  • don’t make a copy of your correspondence with us on your home or work computer (you will be provided with a code after you submit your report; save that in safe place and you will be able to access your report at any time by using that code)

Reporting structure/timeline

Before sending your report, consider structuring your story using timelines and make sure you stick to the facts and highlight the most important pieces of information you are sharing.

If you have any evidence (e.g. documents, pictures, videos), you can attach it to your report.

Please note that you will need to fill and send your report in one go.

Attaching evidence

When attaching evidence, please be mindful that your file could contain metadata: metadata is data hidden in data to characterise it. All digital files contain metadata about the who, what, when, where, why and how of every aspect of the file and can expose information traceable to the source of the file.

Instead of attaching original documents, consider replicating documents by taking screenshots or copying text into a new document, printing and re-scanning it into your computer.

Log-in code

After submitting your report, you will be given a 16-digit code. You will need to keep this code to log into the platform to view messages from TI Estonia's ALAC and/or update your report. The format of the randomly generated 16-digit code resembles a standard phone number or a credit card number, making it easier to conceal your receipt.

Data protection

For security reasons, and to better protect your privacy, reports are kept on the system for a limited period, after which, reports and their content are completely deleted. When accessing your report, you will always be able to see the expiration date of your report. On the designated date, the report will be completely deleted.


How to file a report?

1. Accessing the platform

You can access the platform here.

The entire platform is designed for whistleblowers and will offer you two options:

  • you can file a new report
  • you can access a report you have already filed to update it, or to see TI Estonia's ALAC feedback

To ensure security, the platform does not require any registration by the reporting person. You can access your report at any time after submission by using your 16-digit code.

2. Submitting a report

Once you have accessed the platform, you can submit a new report by accessing the homepage of the platform, and clicking the "file a report" button. Here you will be asked to answer a set of questions.

Please note that answering questions marked with * (red asterisk symbol) is mandatory in order to complete and submit the report. You will also be able to upload files as attachments to your report.

After your report has been submitted, the system will provide you with a 16-digit receipt code. You will need to keep this code to log into the platform to view messages from ALAC and/or update your report.

Please be mindful that the 16-digit receipt code is unique, strictly personal and is generated by the platform only once, when you submit your report. You therefore need to copy it (or write it down) the moment you receive it as it is the only “key” to access the report you have submitted. Transparency International Estonia does not have access to your code and will not be able to provide it to you if you lose it.

3. Accessing a previously submitted report

To access your report, you will need to log in to the platform by entering the 16-digit receipt code. You will not be able to log in without the code.

You can update the report by providing supporting documentation, view and reply to messages posted by ALAC. For security reasons, and to better protect your privacy, reports are kept on the system for a limited period, after which, reports and their content are completely deleted.