Project has ended

Handbook for avoiding conflict of interest for NGO-s

The aim of the project is to create a handbook for Estonian NGO-s which will help them understand the essence of conflict of interest and how this affects organisations' everyday work and the efficiency. 

The project is funded by National Foundation of Civil Society.

Project has ended

National Integrity System Assessment in Estonia

TI Estonia is taking part in an international study project aimed at analyzing anti-corruption systems in 25 European countries simultaneously and following the same methodology.

Project will run 24 months and is conducted with financial support from the Prevention of and Fight Against Crime Programme, European Commission - Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security.

Project has ended

Curbing corruption by enhancing Estonian private sector integrity

Project is aimed at reducing corruption in society through systematic preventative approach to Estonian private sector. Prerequisite for widespread corrupt activities is its uniform level of existence in society. Corruption is likely to flourish if it is made possible in all the relevant spheres...

Project has ended

Establishment of anticorruption network of non-governmental organisations

The establishment of anticorruption network of NGOs in Estonia is being coordinated by TI-Estonia to strengthen the anti-corruption attitude of civil society organizations and to develop a larger supporting platform for the fight against corruption. etecting corruption and bent relations tends...

Project has ended

Project "Against corruption with business ethics"

Transparency International-Estonia will investigate the opportunities to facilitate the development of codes of business ethics by the branches of economy by conducting a project "Against corruption with business ethics" Objectives Raise awareness of business ethics in Estonia. Make it clear to...

Project has ended

Enhancing Whistleblower Protection

The TI Enhancing Whistleblower Protection in the European Union (EWP) Project is an awareness and dissemination activity as set out in the call for proposals. There are also strong analytical and monitoring aspects to the project.

The 12–month project will contribute to enhancing the protection of victims of crime, specifically whistleblowers, by analyzing national whistleblower protection legislation in eight EU Member States and developing and promoting best practices.