Creating business plan for Business Integrity Forum

Project is in progress

As a result of the project, a business plan has been created, which is the basis of the future Business Integrity Forum strategy and which allows the association to earn its own revenue. The association, so far, is mainly funded through projects. Project-based funding, however, hinders long-term planning and flexibility. Therefore, the creation of the Business Integrity Forum strategy is also related to earning own revenue.

During the project, two co-creation workshops will be conducted with the support of the Social Innovation Laboratory (Sotsiaalse Innovatsiooni Labor). The co-creation methodology has been chosen because it is an innovation process that involves the parties to the problem to collaborate towards an end result. Co-creation allows to find solutions to very different problems and is well-suited for planning development activities and designing services, where the desired results depend on the dialogue between the various parties, the active contribution of the parties and co-operation. Co-creation is currently relevant in both public sector and service design.

The results of the project are measured through the following components: SWOT analysis, risk analysis and market analysis have been conducted and needs-based service development in cooperation with the target group, planning of marketing and sales activities and preparation of financial forecasts (3 yrs) have been carried out as a result of the business plan. Possible services that we will develop together with the expert are workshops, membership packages, training packages, corruption prevention self-assessment platform, etc.