Integrity Watch 3.0

Project is in progress

This Integrity Watch 3.0 (IW 3.0) iteration repurposes data from visualisation to risk-management. Since 2014, IW is the leading online hub that monitors integrity in political decision making across Europe. See the platform here:

IW collects and harmonises hard-to-access data into searchable platforms, allowing watchdogs, journalists and officials to keep office holders in check. IW 3.0 will expand from 8 to 16 countries, include resource allocation data, and develop detection tools of conflicts of interest, undue influence and flows of criminal money.

The action aims at strengthened safeguards for the prevention, detection and reduction of political corruption risks in 16 EU countries, contributing to revert problems:

  1. Flawed quality of political integrity data;
  2. Weak risk-management tools;
  3. Insufficient oversight institutional mandates and capacities.

The objectives of the project are:

1. Creation or update of joined-up datasets and dashboards, and risk indicators on political corruption across EU countries

  • Scoping data and building datasets 
  • Creating and updating web-based platforms
  • Developing risk indicators 

2. Capacity development for law enforcement, government agencies, civil society and media to use data and tech tools in detection and prevention of political corruption

  • Capacity development, training tools and materials (tutorials, guides, podcasts, etc.) and pilot testing of web platforms with prospective users
  • Engaging prospective and target users in the use of platforms and risk indicators

3. Analysis and compilation of best practical tech/data-based tools, policies, legislation and institutions which are conducive to deterring political corruption

  • Identification and systematisation of applicable regulations (laws, by-laws, rules) and implementation and compliance practices (consultations, user-oriented services)
  • Analysis and tracking of the performance of frameworks and behaviours vs compliance and detection capacity

4. Creating a European Community of Practice aimed at continuous sharing lessons learnt and best practice and advocacy for higher political integrity data standards

  • Engaging stakeholders in a national advisory group (NAG)
  • Connecting participants of national advisory groups in a European Community of Practice
  • Strategic communications to advocate strengthened standards for prevention, detection and re- duction of political corruption

This project is funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police.