Digital Anti-Corruption Conference (DACC)

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Scene Setting Online Discussions

7 December 2021

10 AM – 5.30 PM (GMT+2)Organised by:  Anti-Corruption Headquarters NGO (Kyiv, Ukraine) & Transparency International Estonia (Tallinn, Estonia)

The IT sector in the Central Eastern Europe region is flourishing, creating both a vibrant local start-up and specialists’ community and a valuable human resource for the Western countries and businesses. Yet, the larger CEE region – and even more the countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership – is striving for its public administration systems to become open, effective, and built on integrity and transparency principles, more and more via online apps and automatised services. The goal of this event is to help civil society working on anticorruption in the region (and particularly in Ukraine) to create a professional network with representatives of IT sector which would be ready to invest in digital solutions for transparency, public monitoring, access to information and civic tech, to share the best practices, vision of the problems, brainstorm on solutions, and to learn from each other.
The conference is going to explore the corruption related problems that could be solvable by digital means in the CEE and Eastern Partnership countries as of now and add to creating a common vision of what could be done by each party in the given legal and social settings. We expect that this series of online discussions under the conference umbrella will set the ground for a larger follow up offline meeting of its participants and would initiate joint projects in anticorruption.
The conference will be conducted in English language with a simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.