Building a Nordic Open Data Ecosystem

Project has ended

The overarching goal of the project is to foster Nordic-Baltic cooperation in the implementation of common standards in the disclosure of essential anti-corruption data and in the development digital tools enabling citizens and journalists to prevent and detect corruption. To achieve this goal, the project partners will:

  • Develop a new visualisation tool to monitor conflict of interests to be integrated in the existing Latvian online platform Deputāti uz Delnas (, created by TI Latvia in 2020
  • Develop detailed concept documents for the further development of the platform Opener ( – developed by TI Estonia and TI Latvia – and of the platform OpenUp! – developed by Open Knowledge Sweden
  • Carry out research and analysis to provide governments in Latvia, Estonia and Sweden with recommendations on the potential implementation of common data standards in the areas of political financing, public procurement, company ownership and public officials’ interest declarations
  • Organise a regional roundtable to lay down the basis for a Nordic-Baltic community of CSOs and government agencies committed to ensure availability of relevant anti-corruption-related datasets and the development of innovative digital tools using those data to prevent corruption

The project is expected to: i) enhance the quality and potential for further development of existing digital tools to monitor corruption in the Baltic Sea Region; ii) improve disclosure of key anti-corruption data by governments in Latvia, Estonia and Sweden; iii) improve Nordic-Baltic cooperation on the use of government data for transparency, accountability and citizen participation.