Developing capacity to using data in advocacy and to advocate for open data in anti-corruption efforts in the Baltic-Nordic region

Project has ended

TI Action Grant will fund the following activities:

Data workshop
Trainer: Nika Aleksejeva, Datu Skola

Purpose and substance is to learn:
• How to get data (common data sources, scraping, crowdsourcing)
• How to verify data
• How to clean data (tips and tricks in Excel or Google sheets)
• How to find stories in data (basic statistical calculations that help to get relevant insights)
• How to present/visualize data.
The budget of the project covers the participation of one representative from each of the Baltic TI chapters but all other members and Nordic chapters will be invited to participate.

Building the Opener prototype
The server of the Opener prototype that was developed in 2015-2017 is no longer active and needs to be rebuilt based on the already existing datasets. All the data is available on GitHub, therefore an estimated 6 hours will be needed for rebuilding the prototype on a global server.


 This project is co-funded by the European Union