Anti-corruption programme for the Moldovan public sector

Project has ended

The aim of the project is to exchange anti-corruption knowhow and expertise between the Estonian and Moldovan experts, improve the anti-corruption capacity of the Moldovan public sector and improve the anti-corruption cooperation between the two countries. During the project, Estonian and Moldovan anti-corruption experts are brought together through a training programme, which is produced by Transparency International Estonia. 

Experts will carry out seminars and workshops for the Moldovan public sector and these will touch upon different anti-corruption fields (ethics, regulations, investigative tasks, analysis). Experts participating in the training programme come from the Internal Security Police, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Police and Border Guard, National Audit Office, General Prosecutor's Office and Transparency International Estonia.

The training programme includes 7 seminars and 4 workshops in English and Russian, and consists of the following modules:

  1. Regulations & Ethics
  2. Investigation of Corruption Crimes
  3. Analysis of Corrutption on the National Level

The training programme was implemented April 4-7, 2016 in Chisinau, Moldova. The seminars and workshops took place on the premises of the National Anti-corruption Centre (NAC) and 68 people from NAC, Transparency International Moldova, the Moldovan Prosecutor's Office, Moldovan National Audit Office and the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in the programme. All events were free of charge to the participants.

The projcet was funded by the Estonian Ministry fo Foreign Affairs as development cooperation.