Anti-corruption committee turns to police over EKRE MP expenses benefits

The Riigikogu Anti-Corruption Select Committee has decided to turn to the police over the expenses benefits use of Conservative People's Party (EKRE) MP Kert Kingo.

Committee chair Riina Sikkut (SDE) explained that the committee received a complaint according to which Kingo has used her expenses benefits to pay for a third person's legal expenses.

The committee went over the documentation and decided to forward the materials to investigative organs as it is possible an offense has been committed, Sikkut added. The committee plans to hand over the materials on Tuesday.

Sikkut said that the parliament needs absolute certainty Kingo has not misused taxpayer money.

"We are initially talking about three invoices of roughly €1,500 each. /…/ Paid to a law firm. But the question is who is the beneficiary and what was the case. We did not find any answers today, while I'm sure things will become clear down the line," Sikkut told "Aktuaalne kaamera" on Monday.

Committee deputy chair Valdo Randpere (Reform) said that Kingo refused to provide an explanation. "We believe it was fair to give Kert Kingo the chance to explain her actions, just as the chance was afforded to Martin Repinski. Kingo opted out and asked the hearing to be removed from the agenda, which the committee complied with," Randpere explained. "Her refusal had no bearing on the committee's decision," the MP added.

The Anti-Corruption Act obligates the select committee to forward materials that suggest an offense might have been committed to investigative organs or bodies conducting extra-judicial proceedings in the case of misdemeanors.

Kingo told ERR that she is innocent and has not profited from the use of her expenses benefits.

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