TI Estonia takes part in Giving Tuesday!


On November 30, Giving Tuesday takes place in Estonia for the third time. This is the time when NGOs across Estonia invite people to solve problems in society.

TI Estonia takes part in the Giving Tuesday campaign for the second time and invites everyone to participate in the Corruption-free donation campaign!

Our new strategic goals for the next three years are ready and You can support us in carrying out the main activities and contribute to promoting transparency and democracy in the Estonian society. We collect donations for activities that are outside the targeted funding (project funding) and which often require a quick response to what is happening in our society. We also use the donations to support projects in the form of self-financing or to carry out additional activities that are important to us.

In our strategic goals, we focus on five topics:

Changing policies and implementing more effective policies as well as changing people’s behaviour and raising awareness about corruption are all important factors in the new strategy.

Among other things, the focus is on the adoption and implementation of the EU Whistleblower Directive, the strengthening of the Political Parties Act, the establishment of lobbying rules, and the establishment of effective internal control measures for local governments.

We also pay attention to the normalization of whistleblowing in society, increasing young people’s active citizenship through participatory budgeting and developing a network of democratic schools.

Workshops and training in local governments and the private sector, the creation of materials and tools for effective corruption prevention, as well as the protection of the public interest in the media and in the direction of the policy makers help to raise awareness about corruption.

Did any of the topics speak to you? If this is the case, you can find all the information about how to donate to TI Estonia here.