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How do we use donations?

We use the donations to fulfill our statutory goals: we organize events to raise awareness about corruption among various target groups, conduct analyzes to identify the sensitivity of sectors to corruption, as well as guide and influence corruption policies.



Recipient: MTÜ Korruptsioonivaba Eesti

Postal address: Telliskivi 60a, 10412 Tallinn

Bank name: AS LHV Pank

IBAN: EE637700771003128056



Are you an entrepreneur or an individual?

We welcome single or multiple donations and grants from both individuals and companies, provided that the donation does not compromise our independence and reputation. In case of doubt, the board of the association will evaluate the specific donation, and if it finds that the acceptance of the financial support is not in accordance with our operating principles, the donation will be returned to the donor immediately.

Transparency International Estonia belongs to the list of associations with income tax benefits, which allows legal persons to make donations tax-free and individuals to deduct the donated amount from their taxable income.


In-kind contributions

If you wish to support the association in other ways, for example by supporting activities with non-monetary resources, please contact: tel. +372 50 72 500, e-mail info(at)