Enhancing reporting of wrongdoing and the protection of whistleblowers in Estonia

Project has ended

Whistleblowing is not favoured in Estonia. Problem is systemic because Estonian legislation does not sufficiently regulate whistleblowing and society shares a negative view on reporting.

Project focuses on key outcome areas:

  1. Whistleblowers are protected in the Estonian legislative framework. Advocacy activities ensure that EU Directive on whistleblowing is adopted to the Estonian legislation with highest regard to whistleblowers’ rights. Recommendations are guided by international standards and supervised by the Legal Counsel of TIEE.
  2. Whistleblowing mechanisms are adopted in more enterprises. TIEE will develop a freely accessible e-course. Members of Business Integrity Forum (BIF) and TIEE expert members guide activities;
  3. Awareness of whistleblowing is higher amongst the youth and the Russian minority because of new accessible materials and a social media campaign. For this, youth organisations will be partnered with;
  4. TI Estonia has the capacity to conduct in-house trainings that improves TIEE financial independence as well as ensures the sustainability to protect whistleblowers’ rights.

Besides the project manager a communications expert, volunteers from TIEE Legal Counsel, corporate members, and TI Secretariat’s whistleblowing programme lead will contribute to the project.