Whose projects drag?

Approving a detail plan takes sometimes 9 years in Tallinn, while others are approved in less than a year. Such a difference gives favourable ground to corruption and unfair competition, Äripäev reports.

There are two people behind an idea to put plans to ranking – Toomas Luman and Ivo Parbus. Latter of them, a Deputy Mayor, who is responsible for detail plans and an advisor to Taavi Aas, spent 6 months in prison. Allegedly one of his ‘tasks’ was lifting the files, in other words he was the man who speeded up approval of detail plans.

“If you want to investigate something then investigate, how fast some companies’ detail plans have been approved.. By the way, its public information and interesting to read,” Toomas Luman, a construction entrepreneur said.

Approval of one detail plan took no more or less than 106 months, which means two months less than 9 years. It was AS Logoner’s plan to build a 30-storey building to Maakri street.

“We became winners?” Olav Miil, member of Logoner’s management board asked.

The project which got fastest approval belongs to Hoog Kinnisvara, a subsidiary of Maru, which is producing steel constructions. The process took 11 months.

Andres Kaur, the CEO of Hoog Kinnisvara, who led the development said that it came from strong groundwork and own interest.

“Much is depending on the project manager. He must go to the authorities himself, look where the project is, hasn’t anyone forgot it,” he said.

He said that possible problems should be left out before making a draft.

Kaur said that the company is waiting approval for another detail plan already for 4 years.

The second fastest approval came to Arco Investeeringute AS for commercial building on Laeva street. It took 15 months.

This fastest took 17 months, sharing grounds on Sõpruse puiestee. The owner was Tallinn.

Most of the time approval of the detail plan takes 3 years.