Risk management firm: Estonia remains sixth-least corrupt country worldwide

Estonia remains in sixth place on the Global Corruption Index (GCI), issued by Global Risk Profile (GRP), a third party risk management and due diligence service provider.

Finland topped the list with a score of 5.23 ("very low"), followed by Norway (7.08), New Zealand (8.2), Denmark (9.19) and Sweden (9.31). Estonia's score was 11.32. Australia came in seventh, the U.K. placed eight, Ireland 10th, Canada 16th, Lithuania 26th, Latvia 32nd, the U.S. 35th and Russia 120th.

This year's is the fourth annual GCI, while, GRP says, the table is compiled using data based on six indicators, relating to international ratification by the UN and OECD, perceived corruption as, for instance, provided by Transparency International, reported experiences of public and private corruption, a selection of country characteristics closely linked to corruption and two more indicators referencing white collar crime.

Each indicator is divided into four data categories: Citizen's voice and Transparency, Government Functioning and Effectiveness, Judicial Context, Political Context.

Close to 200 countries and territories are surveyed, GRP says, and results are presented on a 0-100 scale, where 0 corresponds to the lowest risk and 100 corresponds to the highest.

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