Political scientist: Reform Party starts to talk of corruption, Centre Party of crisis

Tõnis Saarts, a political scientist said that Centre Party will likely talk of government’s activities with fighting the crisis, while Reform Party and Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) will probably talk of Centre Party’s corruption scandals before local elections, ERR News reports.

“Centre Party tries to focus on the economic crisis (in Tallinn). And here they have very good opportunities since governmental parties can’t show big success,” Saarts said.

“Those parties, which try to ignore economic crisis completely and focus on other subjects are hardly doing well,” he said.

There are two subjects before elections in Tallinn.

“One is linked with honest governing and corruption. Reform Party and IRL will likely turn that into their main conflict,” the political scientist said.

The other is that “the city is going to the Russians”.

“But I believe that Russian map doesn’t give big mobilizing power in current crisis,” Saarts said.

European Parliament elections encouraged election coalitions to candidate, but they probably don’t have great success.

“Golden age of election coalition were way back,” he added.