Police bring criminal proceedings against Martin Repinski

The Central Criminal Police on Monday launched criminal proceedings to check whether Center MP Martin Repinski has taken liberties with his Riigikogu expenses benefits.

The investigation follows a report of criminal offense by the Riigikogu Anti-Corruption Select Committee. The committee asked the authorities to check whether Repinski's use of expenses benefits on fuel and accommodation expenses have been in order.

Head of the Central Criminal Police's corruption bureau Ats Kübarsepp said that the police decided to launch criminal proceedings to ascertain the circumstances in more detail. "MPs are entitled to compensation for expenses pursuant to the law and Riigikogu rules. We deem it necessary in this case to launch proceedings to determine whether Repinski's conduct and reporting has been in accordance with the law. We cannot rule out holes facilitating misuse in the rules, while even so, such conduct cannot be described as ethical or responsible," Kübarsepp added.

Criminal proceedings are based on the Penal Code section of embezzlement.

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