Reform, Centre, EKRE, SDE, Richness, all fail to answer corruption survey


Transparency International Estonia (TI) has sent a questionnaire surveying parties' willingness to engage in anti-corruption activities to10 political parties running in this year's parliamentary elections, receiving responses from four so far: the Free Party, the Greens, Estonia 200 and Isamaa.
"It is pleasing that four parties showed that they care about the mitigation of corruption risks," Carina Paju, development coordinator at TI, said in a press release. "More thought through were the answers sent in by the Greens, Estonia 200 and the Free Party," she added.

TI asked the 10 political parties running in the elections to answer the question: What would they do at the next parliament to make society more open, so as to better prevent corruption risks. The parties that responded considered it important to ensure that the next parliament promotes access to public information, protects corruption whistleblowers, and establishes clearer lobbying rules.

The responses from the four parties are available as pdfs on the TI website (in Estonian).

Transparency International Estonia is a civil society organisation involved in the fight against corruption in Estonia and an accredited national chapter of Transparency International. One of its flagship projects is the Corruptions Perceptions Index.

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