Estonia improved in CPI

Estonia improved slightly in CPI and was ranked 27. among 180 countries, appears in the international study introduced today by TI-Estonia. Information given by Transparency International says that Corruption Perception Index in Estonia is 6,6. In 2007 index was 6,5 and Estonia was ranked 28. Country scoring 10 points is corruption-free and the one scoring 0 is totally corrupt. Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand scored the best at 9,3. „Despite the flow of corruption related new Estonia’s position has slightly improved in the eyes in international observers,” said Tarmu Tammerk, TI-Estonia Chairman of the Board. „One of the many reasons is apparently the new anti-corruption strategy until year 2012, because compliers of the index value systematic governmental attention paid to the fight against corruption.” Anti-corruption strategy for 2008-2012 was adopted in parliament in spring. „TI-Estonia’s opinion is that given strategy is appropriate and helps governing powers to remember that corruption must be fought with constantly and not only prior elections,” said Tammerk. Notwithstanding the slight improvement, the best score, which is 6,7 and ranking 24. in 2006, was not reached. „It is difficult to reach top five in Europe because there are Nordic countries with traditionally low corruption,” stated Tammerk. „But definitely we have to pursue better than 15. position among European countries.” TI-Estonia believes that corruption cases disclosed in the past two years affects the index in two different ways. On one hand those issues increase perception of corruption in Estonia and therefore have negative effect on it. On the other hand launched investigations indicate that impeachments are not smothered. Corruption in Estonia is most likely to occur in local governments, public procurements and in the crossing of politics and business, finds TI-Estonia. „Insufficient oversight in party financing is an example how politicians are not interested in clearing the shady areas,” said Tammerk, quoting to the lack of interest of parliament to change the supervision of party financing. Corruption is again likely to emerge in business considering tensions in economy. Within the countries observed by TI Somalia, Iraq and Myanmar are the most corrupt. Russia declined to the position of 147. scoring 2,1 (2,3 in the previous year). Latvia and Lithuania scored 5 and 4,6 and ranked 52. and 56. respectively. Corruption perception index is a composite index that measures corruption perception in public sector globally. Compilation of index includes data gathered by international rating agencies and research centres. Corruption perception index for Estonia includes information from 8 independent international sources. Local chapters of TI are not included in compiling the index. Estonia is represented in TI by the organisation Korruptsioonivaba Eesti. Organisational courses of action are enhancement of corruption awareness, promotion of business ethics, observance of judicial system and drawing an attention of politicians to the fight against corruption. TI-Estonia is financed by Open Estonian Foundation. Additional information: TI-Estonia Chairman of the Board Tarmu Tammerk, Ph. 50 15 880, 6 844 074. E-mail: info@transparency.ee. Website: www.transparency.ee