Project is in progress

Supporting whistleblowers through the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre

Through this initiative, Transparency International Estonia will create the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) to provide free legal advice using safe channels and the help of pro bono law firms to people who are considering reporting or have experienced retaliation due to reporting. Without reporting fraud and corruption, wrongdoing continues and indirectly damages the entire society.

Project is in progress

Enhancing reporting of wrongdoing and the protection of whistleblowers in Estonia

Whistleblowing is not favoured in Estonia. Problem is systemic because Estonian legislation does not sufficiently regulate whistleblowing and society shares a negative view on reporting.

Project focuses on key outcome areas:

Project has ended

Developing capacity to using data in advocacy and to advocate for open data in anti-corruption efforts in the Baltic-Nordic region

TI Action Grant will fund the following activities:

Data workshop
Trainer: Nika Aleksejeva, Datu Skola

Project has ended

Improving the Capacity of the Civil Society to Fight Corruption in Moldova

The aim of the project is to improve the anti-corruption capacity of Moldovan NGO-s. During the project, there will be a study trip for Moldovan NGO-s to Tallinn, during which they meet the main anti-corruption actors in Estonia, including the National Audit Office and the Ministry of Finance.

Project has ended

Anti-corruption programme for the Moldovan public sector

The aim of the project is to exchange anti-corruption knowhow and expertise between the Estonian and Moldovan experts, improve the anti-corruption capacity of the Moldovan public sector and improve the anti-corruption cooperation between the two countries. During the project, Estonian and Moldovan anti-corruption experts are brought together through a training programme, which is produced by Transparency International Estonia. 

Project has ended

Tailor-made whistleblowing mechanism for the public sector

The aim of the project is to develop a mechanism for reporting wrongdoing which will function appropriately in the Estonian public sector.

During the project, specific recommendations and proposals are made to the partner from the public sector in order to develop, implement and use the mechanism in every day work-life. The mechanism will be introduced to different public institutions, and if need be, policy recommendations for an improved legislation will be created.

Project period: April 10, 2015 - November 30, 2016.

Project has ended

Public Ethics Benchmarking

A successful democract is based on the public's trust, the public in turn trusts a governance based on strong ethical principles. The methodology and tools for this project have been developed by the Council of Europe and such projects have previously been carried out in Spain, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

The goals of the benchmarking:

  • Assessment and improvement of public ethics in local municipalities

  • Impact assessment of the improvement of public ethics in local municipalities

Project has ended

Opener: discovering corruption risks with the help of open data

The aim of the project is to test if Estonian open data is sufficient to detect corruption risks.
During the project a test version of an online platform will be developed which will correlate data from different open sources, creates and detects relevant connections which otherwise would be missed. Additionally, the data will be presented in an infographic way, which will make the vast amounts of data and complicated relations more easily understandable for the user.
Project timeline: June 2014 - September 2015

Project has ended

Shedding light on lobbying: How to tackle undue influence and conflicts of interests in key policy fields across Europe

The projects aim is enhancing transparency and enabling effective regulation of lobbying activities in the EU.

The purpose of the project is to promote transparency and best practice in regulations, policies and practice on lobbying and related fields, such as conflict of interests and revolving doors, to key stakeholders in Estonia and Europe.

Project has ended

The Increasing of TI Estonia´s capability of influencing policy making through development and implementation of involvement based advocacy system

The aim of the project is to strengthen the advocacy capability of TI Estonia and to develop a complete and sustainable advocacy system that enables to communicate the views and concerns of TI Estonia´s members and anti-corruption network members to political decision makers and the general public in a more efficient way.

Project has ended

Providing an alternative to silence: Towards greater protection and support for whistle-blowers in the EU

Transparency International Estonia participates in a pan-European project aimed at promoting the need for whistle-blowers protection. The project is a follow up to the previous project “Enhancing Whistle-blower Protection”

Project has ended

Curbing corruption in media

The Ministry of Justice and TI Estonia have concluded a contract to map the extent of corruption in Estonian media, raise journalists’ awareness on corruption and ethics and to foster investigative journalism. Background Journalism has a significant role to play in preventing corruption, but sometimes this function is not exercised properly due to insufficient knowledge of the subject. On the other hand media cannot fulfill the role in preventing corruption if it is corrupt itself.

Project has ended

Handbook for avoiding conflict of interest for NGO-s

The aim of the project is to create a handbook for Estonian NGO-s which will help them understand the essence of conflict of interest and how this affects organisations' everyday work and the efficiency. 

The project is funded by National Foundation of Civil Society.

Project has ended

National Integrity System Assessment in Estonia

TI Estonia is taking part in an international study project aimed at analyzing anti-corruption systems in 25 European countries simultaneously and following the same methodology.

Project will run 24 months and is conducted with financial support from the Prevention of and Fight Against Crime Programme, European Commission - Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security.

Project has ended

Curbing corruption by enhancing Estonian private sector integrity

Project is aimed at reducing corruption in society through systematic preventative approach to Estonian private sector. Prerequisite for widespread corrupt activities is its uniform level of existence in society. Corruption is likely to flourish if it is made possible in all the relevant spheres – administration, private sector and (civil)society in general and reducing it in one would ultimately lead to decrease in others.

Project has ended

Establishment of anticorruption network of non-governmental organisations

The establishment of anticorruption network of NGOs in Estonia is being coordinated by TI-Estonia to strengthen the anti-corruption attitude of civil society organizations and to develop a larger supporting platform for the fight against corruption. etecting corruption and bent relations tends to be challenging, but yet mandatory to prevent and fight against corruption. Corruption in its complexity is an issue that can only be solved with a good cooperation between the governmental institutions and civil society.

Project has ended

Project: "Courts of Justice in Estonia - part of the power structure worth observing"

Citizens and third sector organizations have paid their attention to the activity of legislative and executive power in a developing process of Estonia, , but monitoring of judicial authority that has a significant role to play in guaranteeing national and human rights in every country has been neglected. Access to the judicial system, practical aspects of it’s functioning such as transparency and simplicity of use are primary concerns that affect the individual’s chance to protect ones rights.

Project has ended

Project "Against corruption with business ethics"

Transparency International-Estonia will investigate the opportunities to facilitate the development of codes of business ethics by the branches of economy by conducting a project "Against corruption with business ethics" Objectives Raise awareness of business ethics in Estonia. Make it clear to the business sector and the general public that good and sound business practices are to the benefit of all in the long term. The project includes various activities between the period 01.01.2009-31.12.2009.

Project has ended

Enhancing Whistleblower Protection

The TI Enhancing Whistleblower Protection in the European Union (EWP) Project is an awareness and dissemination activity as set out in the call for proposals. There are also strong analytical and monitoring aspects to the project.

The 12–month project will contribute to enhancing the protection of victims of crime, specifically whistleblowers, by analyzing national whistleblower protection legislation in eight EU Member States and developing and promoting best practices.