TI-Estonia launched a project „Establishment of anti-corruption network of NGOs”

Transparency International-Estonia as an independent organisation has evolved into a substantive competence centre and linking institution in anti-corruption activities in Estonia. This is a result of consistent and socially active engagements. One of the priorities set in the courses of action for 2008 is the development of a network of non-governmental organisations (NGO) to activate and enhance the fight against corruption. It is necessary to have widespread and competent organisation in Estonia to coordinate anti-corruption actions.


Persistently high corruption in low-income countries amounts to an “ongoing humanitarian disaster”

With countries such as Somalia and Iraq among those showing the highest levels of perceived corruption, Transparency International’s (TI) 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), launched today, highlights the fatal link between poverty, failed institutions and graft.


Estonia improved in CPI

Estonia improved slightly in CPI and was ranked 27. among 180 countries, appears in the international study introduced today by TI-Estonia. Information given by Transparency International says that Corruption Perception Index in Estonia is 6,6. In 2007 index was 6,5 and Estonia was ranked 28. Country scoring 10 points is corruption-free and the one scoring 0 is totally corrupt. Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand scored the best at 9,3.


TI-Estonia held general meeting

General meeting of TI-Estonia held on the 29th of April confirmed the annual report of 2007, determined the courses of action for 2008 and elected the new board. In 2008 TI-Estonia is going to concentrate on business ethics and financing of political parties. As a new course, projects aimed at young people will be initiated. General Manager of organization gave an overview of the project: „Courts in Estonia – the part of authority that deserves observation“ with duration of 18 months.


TI-Estonia to push for sectoral codes of business ethics


TI-Estonia will be seeking ways to help develop codes of business ethics on a sectoral basis. This was a key finding at the Baltic-Nordic conference “Against corruption with business ethics“, organised by TI-Estonia in co-operation with partners from the region’s TI chapters.


Business ethics conference to take place in Tallinn

The Estonian chapter of Transparency International (Korruptsioonivaba Eesti) organises Baltic-Nordic conference on business ethics in Tallinn called "Promoting Business Ethics: Baltic Challenges, Nordic Experience". The conference will take place in the Estonian capital on April 8, 2008 at the Olümpia Conference Centre (Liivalaia 33) from 9.30 to 17. The conference is aimed at entrepreneurs, trade associations, politicians and officials based in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Finland.


Round table on business ethics and corruption

Transparency International-Estonia organised a round table “With business ethics against corruption” on June 5 in Tallinn. About 30 participants from the private and public sector attended to discuss the state of affairs with business ethics in the private sector in Estonia. As a follow-up, an international seminar is planned for the second half of 2007. The event took place with a grant from the Open Estonia Foundation.

Office of TI Estonia has moved!


Due to extended needs of TI Estonia we have now moved to a new address Lootsi 11, 10151 Tallinn.

Logistical information and the map can be found here.