Seli calls for inspection of Estonian Air and Eesti Energia

Reform Party member and former Port of Tallinn supervisory board head, Neinar Seli said after corruption allegations against Port of Tallinn's board members surfaced, that other state-owned companies should also be closely examined, such as Eesti Energia and Estonian Air.


3 arrested in Jõhvi municipality corruption case

KaPo, the Internal Security Service, has arrested a Jõhvi councilman, a former local politician and a businessman accused of rigging state procurements, bribery and influence peddling.


€10 Bribe Ends Up €700 Fine

Viru County Court handed a 35-year-old Lithuanian man a 700-euro fine for attempting to bribe an Estonian customs official with 500 rubles (10.5 euros).


Siim Kallas: Why The West will never understand Russia

Moscow will look for every way to circumvent the sanctions and encourage divisions within the European Union before the question of economic sanctions returns, writes Siim Kallas.


OECD Concerned About Estonian Anti-Bribery Efforts

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has criticized Estonia's efforts to tamp down bribery from foreign sources, saying in a new report that the country may not have an adequate legal framework yet to handle it.


Border Guard Rocked by Bribery and Fraud Cases

Four employees of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) were apprehended in September for a case of bribery amounting to 50,000 euros and a separate embezzlement case.


Corruption Low, Most Bribes Paid Toward Medical Services

A fresh survey reconfirms Estonia's low level of corruption. Of the 6 percent of respondents who did admit to paying a bribe in the last year, most said they did so in exchange for medical services.


New Anti-Corruption Strategy Focuses on Government Offices

The Ministry of Justice has completed a new strategy paper to combat corruption, centering on increasing transparency in state institutions by making a number of databases accessible to all.


Ilves Extols Transparency, Open Data at UK Google Conference

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said in remarks at a prestigious Google conference that IT solutions helped make Estonia bigger than its geographic borders.


A Fifth of Baltic Business Willing to Pay Bribes, Study Finds

A recent survey by Ernst & Young shows that as many as 19 percent of businesses in the Baltic states are prepared to offer bribes to enliven their business activities, a drastic increase from only 4 percent a year ago.


Opposition's Motion to Restrict Surveillance Will Tie Hands of Law Enforcement, Says Minister

Interior Minister Ken-Marti Vaher has said that, if passed, a bill submitted to Parliament by the Center Party aiming to limit the use of surveillance tactics by authorities would hamper the work of law enforcement agencies.


Interior Minister Opposes Changes to Security Agency Statute

Justice Minister Hanno Pevkur recently ventured an opinion that the Internal Security Service (KaPo) could be a purely counterintelligence organization, leaving corruption investigation to the police, but Cabinet colleagues beg to differ.