GRECO Report: Estonia Needs Improvement in Corruption Prevention

A report published today by the Council of Europe has pointed to several holes in the corruption prevention practices being implemented in Estonia's legislature and court system.


Estonia Still in Best 20% of Corruption Index Amidst Little Practical Progress

Transparency International’s 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index places Estonia 32nd of 174 countries, a slight drop from last year. Estonia’s score was affected most by a risk of political corruption.


Audit: Enterprise Estonia Encouraged Ericsson to Invest Before Applying for Grants

More accusations have hit Enterprise Estonia after a Finance Ministry audit suggested that Ericsson's Estonian operation was encouraged by the state business support agency to break EU funding rules.


Narva Trans Hit by Betting Suspicions Again

The second criminal case in two days has rocked the Estonian football world.
Results of games played by Narva Trans in the premier league, Meistriliiga, are being scrutinized and six players are under suspicion of reaping monetary gains from betting on the outcomes of games, said Prosecutor General spokesperson Katrin Lunt.


Prosecutors: Clouds of Suspicion Hang Over Reform Party Scandal

Prosecutors' documents paint an unflattering picture of the Reform Party as a syndicate or ruling family and say a presumption of dirty dealing hovers over the case even though the evidence did not stick.


Baltic Companies Less Likely to Fight Fraud, Survey Finds

A global study conducted by Ernst & Young has found that corruption and illegal practices are rising throughout the world, and the Baltics are no exception.


Ilves: Parliament Must Draft Own Code of Ethics

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said in a meeting with Parliament's special committee on implementation of the Anti-Corruption Act that only the legislature itself can come up with a parliamentary code of ethics.


Public Perceives Corruption as Low, Government Efforts as Effective

Building permits and public procurements are the areas in which the biggest whiff of corruption hits the nostrils of the public, according to a pan-European Eurobarometer survey.